Monday, May 9, 2016

How Experts in Doors and Door Repair Can Help with Storm Door Issues

Storm doors are extra exterior doors designed to protect your home's wood entry door. Because storm doors are exposed to the elements, they often need extra maintenance, or if they are severely damaged, professional door repair. Consider these common three problems with storm doors and what your local locksmith can do to fix them.

Damaged Hinges

Gusts of wind, driving rain and hail can wreak havoc on the hinges of a storm door. The hinges may become corroded or loose due to this exposure. Your locksmith can tighten loose screws or replace your door's hinges with materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Frozen Locks

Storm doors have a switch lock and some may have a traditional keyed lock with a cylinder. These locks can become frozen due to exposure to moisture and then cold air. Dirt and grime can also get inside of the storm door's lock and cause it to get stuck. A locksmith can clean and unfreeze a storm door lock that is stuck. If a storm door's lock is damaged or broken, an expert in doors and door repair can replace it for you.

Damaged Screen

Most storm doors have an upper portion with screening on one side and plexiglass on the other side. During the summertime, many homeowners lower the plexiglass so a fresh breeze can blow in through the screen. Unfortunately, the screen can get damaged from pets, kids or heavy winds. Expert locksmiths offering door repair services can remove the screen's frame, take off the damaged screen and re-screen it for you. A properly screened storm door allows you to enjoy the fresh air. The screening stops bugs, bats and birds from trying to fly inside your home.

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