Friday, April 15, 2016

Home Security: Change Locks On a New Home with Help from a Locksmith

When you're buying a home, changing the locks is almost never on the list of things to do. Not only will new locking systems add a personal touch, they increase the security of the home. No one will have a copy of the keys or access codes except the new homeowner.

If the home was purchased through foreclosure, there is no guarantee that the bank has all the keys or has changed the codes for an electronic key system. Many buildings still have a lock and key structure. Consider upgrading to a keyless entry system for additional security and eliminating the hassle of making multiple keys for everyone in the family. Changing the entry codes and passwords takes less time. Depending on the system used, this can be completed on site by a family member or a locksmith. Some units need to be updated by an outside service and may require a quick phone call.

Whether you change the locks or install a new electronic keyless entry system, it's important to make sure it's the right one for the job. Deadbolts, knob locks and kik (key in knob) cylinders are generally found in most residential buildings but may not be the correct set up. A qualified locksmith can help recommend the right system that will provide the security needed while still maintaining the beauty and style of the home or building.

Add a lock specialist to your list of contacts when it's time to purchase a home or building. It not only increases security, but the right setup can also help increase the value of the property. Change the locks or add keyless entry to limit the number of people with access to your property.

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