Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Doors and Door Repair Experts Share a Quick Guide to Common Issues

While in the home, you want to be able to close all of the doors and lock them so you have a bit of privacy. There are times when the home might settle, which prevents some doors from shutting as the base of the home slightly shifts. 

Parts that Aren’t Functioning Properly

You could also see that the doorknob might not work properly or the hinges of the door are stiff and don't allow you to open and close the door the right way. Some of the common issues for doors and door repair can be diagnosed by simply looking at the structure before calling a company to come out and fix the problem. There are also a few ways you can fix the issue on your own with the right tools.

Locks Aren’t Working

One of the common issues with doors is that the locks won't work anymore. A locksmith can come out to change the door knobs so there is a new lock on the door. This will give added protection to the home so you feel secure while inside.

Hinges or Jambs are Faulty

If the weight of the door pulls it so the hinges or the jamb don't work properly, then consider replacing the screws so they have more support. Another common issue is that the door rubs against the wall or the jamb. This can be a result of swelling because of moisture in the home or if there are cracks around the molding of the door that prevent it from shutting properly.

Remember to turn to doors experts should you experience any of these common issues to ensure the security of your home.


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