Monday, November 23, 2015

Doors and Door Repair: Just as Important as Locks in Home Security

We all know that the first line of defense of your home is the lock on the door. If you don't have a lock, anyone off of the street can waltz right into your home. In some cases having a poor quality lock can be just as bad as no lock at all. For example, just having a door lock jam and no deadbolt might make a home invasion easier than it would be otherwise. Investing in good quality and properly functioning locks is not an investment that will go to waste. But they are not the only thing you should be aware of.

Doors are just as important as the lock you have on them. When you have a weak door or door frame, it can be a simple process to bypass the lock altogether. By breaking or prying the frame, home invaders can get past the best of locks. In most cases these door frame molding are only tacked in place. A good solid kick or a crowbar can easily displace them.

To safeguard your home, good quality doors are where you need to start. For existing doors, there are reinforcement kits that you can purchase. For new doors and door repair, it is best to get in contact with a professional who specifically handles these things. They can recommend stronger doors with better locks, making them more resistant to home invasion. In most cases they can fix the problem of exposed hinges just by installing the new door correctly.

When we go home at night we want to sleep easy knowing our home is protected. In this case just by fortifying the door, you thwart most burglaries. By making it difficult to get into you home quietly and easily, it deters crime.

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